27/03/2017 3:33 PM
Open your Heart

I have a very uneasy relationship with backbends, my spine is not the most flexible and I get very anxious when it comes to experience heart and chest openers. I have been studying a lot in these last months and exploring the spine has helped me to practice patience even out of the mat, I am learning to love even these poses, not only my arm balances!!!!!!

I also think that the deeper the backbend, the deeper the release of buried emotional baggage.

The two amazing Reich and Lowen researched the connection between physical posture and feelings. What we think and how we feel expresses itself in our physical posture, so our physical posture has an effect on our thoughts.

Opening the heart has physical, emotional, psychological benefits and allows the energy to flow freely through the nadir and chakras.

The term heart is derived from the Sanskrit root hrt which means the innermost. Opening our heart also means to uncover our heart, an open heart is vulnerable, yet strong because love is given freely without needing anything in return.

The original definition of courage is from the latin word Cor habeo meaning to have heart!!!!!! Have the courage to be imperfect, try to tell the story of who you are, be kind to yourself first, and then to others, because we can’t practice compassion with other people if we can’t treat ourselves in a decent way. Yes it takes courage to leave the comfort zone as we did coming to live in switzerland with no friends and feeling vulnerable.

When we are ruled by fear we become resistant to spontaneity, we get angry, defensive, which reinforces separateness, isolation and so on.

Let’s try not to believe that fear is real or think that someone can hurt us. That is where we start making our love conditional again.

How many times, when we were small, we were told “don’t cry, be strong, be courageous” especially with little boys, seriously a lot of bull shit… be vulnerable, be open, show your emotions.

Unconditional love means just that – love with no conditions.

Dwi Pada Bipartia Dandasana

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Open your Heart